Accountability Framework

Summary Part One

Accountability Leadership is the practical framework we use to leverage potential in our organisation.

The company strategies are supported by three pillars; People, Structure and Process; People take initiative and make decisions, structure is how we assign accountability and authority and processes describe how we do things to create value.

Depending on your role, your accountabilities can vary, but no matter what position you're in your accountabilities will ensure that you know how your role and output fits into the bigger picture.

There are two types of accountabilities, direct and indirect. Both are equally important.

Direct accountabilities are tasks assigned by your accountable manager that you need to deliver. You have been given the necessary authority and are held directly accountable.

Indirect accountabilites are when you have the authority to influence decisions and actions of others, but you are not accountable for the output.

Accountability is not the same as responsibility. You are accountable for your obligations to the company, while responsibility is what you demand of yourself.